Investigating Modes of Commuting in GCGP

69% of bicycle trips are within 0-5km range, with another 19% within 5-10km.
60% of car trips are 0-15km range – shift towards bicycle, foot and public transit?
92% of bus trips are 0-30km range (70min ride, e.g. St Ives – Cambridge Station).
87% of walking trips are within 0-5km range (5km takes about 60min).

To clean the flow data, set up maximum distance threshold for Bus (40km), Bicycle (20km), Foot (10km), and AllOtherModes (40km)

23% of workers in Cambridge commute by Bicycle;
49% of workers in Cambridge commute by car, much lower than regional average;
Among the 49% car trips, how many short-distance ones can be substituted by Bus?
Identify residence locations that are accessible by Bicycle?
Potential of tele-working to reduce commuting demand?
Source (p.13)